Mercury Consulting

Mercury Consulting offers you: Box and Connections Cloud Use Case Analysis, Support and Adoption Connections Cloud Automated User Provisioning, Management and Profile Population Connections Cloud, SmartCloud Notes / Verse, and Chat Piloting and Migrations


By combining the enterprise social power of IBM Connections (both on premise and cloud!) with a rich user-experience, a light content management system, and a fully responsive mobile experience, workplaceON lights the way to deeper and more meaningful employee engagement. Our unique onboarding experience also helps to bring people into IBM Connections and ensure that […]


Headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices across the Americas, Middle East, India and operating across the world through it’s widespread business partner eco-system, Streebo is a Gold IBM Business Partner and a global provider of enterprise mobility and multi-channel solutions for Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing and utility industries. We have been awarded with various […]


BCC work with companies to secure their social business infrastructure, automate underlying administration processes and ensure regulatory compliance. With solid experience of managing IBM collaboration environments we help organizations reduce risk, improve efficiency by securing and streamlining existing processes, thereby lowering cost. Our solutions include automated user, group & database management, server security, secure & […]


hs.Crawler makes data integration between 3rd party systems and IBM Connections or O365 a breeze. Simply define data sources and rules, let the hs.Crawler collect data based on these settings and decide how to upload this data to IBM Connections/O365. Create Activity Stream entries, Wiki Pages, Blog Entries, Files, Forum Topics or ToDos, Emails or […]