Alan Hamilton

I am the worldwide business partner technical leader for IBM Collaboration and Talent Solutions. In this role I am responsible for ensuring the Business Partners have the necessary technical skills to help develop their business with IBM. To do this I am responsible for delivering enablement, developing technical growth plans and in delivering technical strategy and guidance for our partners.

My skills can be summarised as follows:
I am ambidextrous – able to be technical and business-focused as needed.

I have deep technical skills in collaboration solutions and practical business experience in building, running and developing business.

I gain respect by being honest, truthful, easy to work with and delivering what I commit to.

I like to take on projects with a team I can lead and develop. I enjoy their successes and development and of course, delivering the end result.

I am happiest when I am working with customers and business partners – it helps keep my feet on the ground.

I enjoy painting the big picture to solve a problem, and then getting down into the details to make it happen.

I hate the attitude “we’ve always done it that way”, and “you’ll never do that” drives me to prove that it can be done.

Skills: Leadership, management, team-building, delivery, project management, strategy, customer focus.

Technologies: Collaboration Solutions of all types, document and knowledge management, mobile, social, cloud computing.

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