Digging For Gold

If you are an organization with one or more of the estimated ten million Notes database still being used today then this session is for you. Join us for an action-packed and fun-filled journey as we explore a mix of case-studies and a wealth of ideas for how you take those gems of data held inside Notes databases and unlock the full potential that lies buried within. We will start our expedition with a look at some examples of how Notes data can be surfaced in modern web applications using REST APIs and Web Components. You’ll really dig the real life Graph databases built from Notes databases that can make your data shine, including domain searching. We will then pan for ways to add a social experience to your Notes data and add your Notes data to your social experience. Finally we will do some prospecting to find the potential for connecting Notes databases to The Internet Of Things. The future for your Notes data is NOW.

Cloud On Premises Sponsor
Location: MongoDB Room Date: June 2, 2017 Time: 1:20 pm - 1:50 pm Peter Presnell Bob Kadrie