Sessions based around cloud solutions

Writing your first Watson Work application, and why you’d want to

If you’ve heard about Watson Workspace and Work Services but have been wondering just what makes it different from other chat systems from a developer’s perspective, then this session is for you. We’ll start by showing what these two offerings — Workspace and Work Services — bring to the table for developers, and what they […]

Connections Reflections: One Company’s Experiences

Like many software initiatives, IBM Connections started small at Celina Insurance Group in 2013 and spread throughout the company in the ensuing years. The goal was/is to remove the data silos and give the users better tools to collaborate. Mike McGarel, a member of Celina’s in-house development team, goes through the successes, the miscues, and […]

Turning the IBM Collaboration Ecosystem Pink

The future of Connections is looking bright (and apparently Pink). With a significant emphasis on the Application Developer ecosystem, including partners and customers, the IBM Connections team is making improvements in our resources for the developer community. We’d like to share where we are and where we are going, and we’d like your feedback. As […]

The Future Is PINK: IBM Connections Your Way

Providing a truly exceptional IBM Connections experience requires customers to adjust Connections in a variety of ways. Starting with quick logo changes, to applying the corporate colour schema, all the way to integrating external applications into the context of your enterprise social network, there are numerous customisation options. This session is going to introduce you […]