Sessions relating to administering Social Business platforms. It could be the design and build of infrastructure, upgrading, managing users, migrating to the cloud, integration with other services or platforms etc. Sessions relating to cloud, hybrid or on-premise infrastructures are welcome! (30-minute and 60-minute slots)

All you need to know about Orient Me

Orient Me is the first Connections service which is built on the new Connections Pink stack. Nico will talk about the installation, integration and administration of Orient Me. He will also provide useful insights around the used backend tools. Walk away with knowledge how to successfully run Orient Me in your own Connections environment!

Two wrongs don’t make a right – Troubleshooting Connections

Curious on how to make your Connections environment run smoothly while reducing support effort? Need help debugging and getting to the core of some Connections challenges? Join Nico and Terri to find out how to resolve common issues, learn troubleshooting basics and other useful knowledge to ensure an efficient Connections on-premises environment. Level up your […]

Introduction to Box Administration – See Why it Rocks!

Box is a very strong cloud file sync, storage and more solution that integrates with many IBM offerings including Connections and Connections Cloud. Often you’ll hear Box as having strong “manageability” or “security” or other adjectives without supporting detail. In this session, see an introduction to key user capabilities and the Box administrative environment to […]