IBM Connections vs. Office 365 – Episode III

In this session I will explain why IBM Connections is better than Office 365 as a collaboration platform for your organization. Forget about features and functions, only the real value for you and for your organization does matter. Both platforms received some significant updates in the past months so we will have a close look! […]

IBM Connections REST-API Hip-Hop

Leverage the full potential of IBM Connections by integrating the product into your existing environment. This can be achieved either inside-out or outside-in by taking advantage of the REST-API capabilities of IBM Connections. While this sounds easy in the first place the API has many pitfalls and lacks good documentation. This session covers how to […]

Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Story of Creativity and Collaboration

With great credit to the book by the late Gordon MacKenzie, I’d like to share my personal insights and observations. I believe this is a perspective shared by many in our Social Connect family. We are creative entrepreneurial spirits who seek to discover new ways to serve our fellow world citizens. Whether it’s a personal […]

Turning the IBM Collaboration Ecosystem Pink

The future of Connections is looking bright (and apparently Pink). With a significant emphasis on the Application Developer ecosystem, including partners and customers, the IBM Connections team is making improvements in our resources for the developer community. We’d like to share where we are and where we are going, and we’d like your feedback. As […]

All you need to know about Orient Me

Orient Me is the first Connections service which is built on the new Connections Pink stack. Nico will talk about the installation, integration and administration of Orient Me. He will also provide useful insights around the used backend tools. Walk away with knowledge how to successfully run Orient Me in your own Connections environment!