Social Business Adaptation Framework(s) – What Works & What Doesn’t?

“Back in 2008 ( and then again in 2013 ( and Gartner stated how between 70% to 80% of Social Business projects would fail in the short time frame of a couple of years, mostly due to a lack of purpose and clear business imperatives. That means that 7 or 8 out of 10 […]

Defining the Next Generation of Collaboration and Unified Communications Business with IBM and Cisco

IBM and Cisco are partnering to bring joint solutions to market, enabling customers to take advantage of industry-leading collaboration cloud technologies in an integrated experience. Combining IBM mail, social and cognitive with Cisco Spark and WebEx, together we enhance team collaboration. Existing customers of IBM and Cisco will be able to integrate the platforms holistically. […]

The Future Is PINK: IBM Connections Your Way

Providing a truly exceptional IBM Connections experience requires customers to adjust Connections in a variety of ways. Starting with quick logo changes, to applying the corporate colour schema, all the way to integrating external applications into the context of your enterprise social network, there are numerous customisation options. This session is going to introduce you […]

Connections Governance at Southwest Airlines

Learn the ins and outs of how Southwest Airlines developed and implemented a governance strategy for their Connections 5.0 implementation. With a highly unionized workforce, plans to implement an Enterprise Social Network were met with some concern. In this session, we will outline how we developed a strategy to set the direction for Connections and […]

Getting Work Done on an iPad

Do you wish you could just grab your iPad, walk away from your desk, and still get work done? Come see how to leverage iOS tools like Workflow, Launch Center Pro, and Bear to do tasks like: * Set up a scanning workflow to quickly check your mail, chats, Connections, Watson Workspace, and many other […]