Digging For Gold

If you are an organization with one or more of the estimated ten million Notes database still being used today then this session is for you. Join us for an action-packed and fun-filled journey as we explore a mix of case-studies and a wealth of ideas for how you take those gems of data held […]

Don’t let your media make you come to it. Make your media come to you.

Providing employees instant access to the information they need plays a critical role in keeping organizations performing at their peak.  That’s why making video and other media easily accessible anywhere within Connections drives collaboration and communication in today’s social workplace.  See how companies such as CEMEX and Slumberland Furniture provide their geographically distributed teams the […]

Kudos Boards Pink! How we have developed Kudos Boards to be Pink Ready

This session will highlight the current release of Kudos Boards Cloud for IBM Connections Cloud. Kudos Boards brings awesome Task and Team Management to Connections Cloud via an intuitive Kanban style interface. We will demonstrate how this app has dramatically increased user adoption of Connections as well as explain how it was designed and developed […]

The Connected Workforce: Social Collaboration + CRM Integration

The future of work is about innovating, collaborating, and building relationships in new ways. The future of work is about increasingly virtual teams that need integrated social business solutions to create incredible customer experiences – across all channels, geographies, and devices. IBM Social Solutions deliver next-generation platforms to realize this future. But we know that […]

IBM Watson Workspace and Work Services strategy and roadmap

There is a need today to rapidly innovate and drive business outcomes. Achieving this requires a new way of working: small teams collaborating seamlessly, staying constantly connected and up-to-date. A new breed of messaging application is being created to meet this need. However these tools demand a lot of time from users and can produce […]

Enterprise collaboration driven by IBM Connections at Raytheon

Come hear the true story of a software developer that is out to spearhead the sharing of best practices across the Raytheon enterprise. Find out real life applications of the IBM Connections platform to bring people together around a common cause. Including but not limited to the following Relocation across coasts based on a blog […]

Writing your first Watson Work application, and why you’d want to

If you’ve heard about Watson Workspace and Work Services but have been wondering just what makes it different from other chat systems from a developer’s perspective, then this session is for you. We’ll start by showing what these two offerings — Workspace and Work Services — bring to the table for developers, and what they […]

Connections Reflections: One Company’s Experiences

Like many software initiatives, IBM Connections started small at Celina Insurance Group in 2013 and spread throughout the company in the ensuing years. The goal was/is to remove the data silos and give the users better tools to collaborate. Mike McGarel, a member of Celina’s in-house development team, goes through the successes, the miscues, and […]